Friday, June 4, 2010

Davie's Birthday cake

Busy weekend...It's always a challenge designing a cake for a fisherman. I found out he also enjoys music, although, no one told me what kind. So, I came up with a two tier idea, little fishes blowing bubbles up to the second tier that will have the song, in notes and words, to Happy Birthday. The topper will be? Here's hoping! It'll be fun putting it together.


  1. How about a man in a panga, fishing pole out, drinking a beer, with a boom box playing happy birthday?
    Just a man in a panga with a fishing pole would be pretty good.
    When is the cake deadline?

  2. Cake is for Monday morning. I somehow changed the design completely, and now have waves on the bottom tier and the music and words to "Happy Birthday" on the smaller upper tier. I do like the idea of a panga. I'll see about doing the panga out of gumpaste for his next cake. I do Davie and Jane several cakes a year, so it won't be too long before there's another one.

  3. It'll be a bit before I'm able to post a photo of the finished cake for Davie. My big computer died.

    Why is it that each cake is a "learning" experience. I wasn't able to mark the score lines for the music because I didn't imprint it while the fondant was fresh.